Jess Chen


Client: Spicers Paper

This was an entry to Southern Cross Packaging Competition 2014, where there were several different packaging briefs for contestants to choose from. I chose the Spicers Paper brief, where it states the packaging must be for a holiday or special occasion, made with paper provided by Spicers. Packaging should aim to be innovative, interesting, dynamic, and consider usability and secondary use. 

Monster Tower is a chocolate advent calendar for Halloween, inspired by the idea of Christmas advent calendars and how conventional and ordinary they all look. 

30 compartments for 30 days, Monster Tower aims to break most of the traditions of advent calendars from functionality, to the holiday event, to the way it looks.

In line with Trick or Treating, on some days you will get a “trick” instead of chocolate. There are 8 characters and 22 chocolates to find, but once you reach the 31st, you will get an abundance of chocolate hidden at the bottom of the tower. Behind each door, is either an interesting factoid that is either creepy or weird but educational if you get the treat, or a small biography of the character if you get a trick. 

Skills: Branding, Illustration, Print, Packaging.