Jess Chen


Client: Self-Proposed, College Assessment

This is a group work collaboration project where we created a campaign to improve other people’s lives, whether it is usability, health, or education. 

Little Sprouts is a non-profit travelling educational service that builds temporary greenhouses at primary schools and educates children aged between 6 to 12 about vegetation, growing your own fruits and vegetables, and the importance of eating healthy. 

There are different program for different years, and instructors come into school grounds to interact with and educate the children. 

Customer journey, cost structure, materials and equipment, and potential sponsors had to be considered and thought out in this project. My specific role in the group was art direction, illustration, and branding.

The outcome was an A4 hardcover manifesto and story book featuring an 8-year-old boy called Jimmy and how he grew from hating vegetables to being educated understanding the importance of eating healthily. 

Skills: Branding, Illustration, Print, Art Direction.